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MASZ 2015
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HozzászólásHozzászólás témája: OP Murphy 2010, Sibinj - Croatia - INVITATION
HozzászólásElküldve: hétf. ápr. 12, 2010 8:50 pm
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Invitation to event

ASK Slavonija - Sibinj is founded 2005. as a team and from 2009. as an association of citizens.. The event will be held at the premises of the accumulation lake Petnja near Slavonski Brod. The idea is to organize a event for a period longer than 24 h with an international paticipants (non-Croatian clubs will be allowed to participate only by invitation). Event is the mil-sim type. Planned is in the period from 29.05.2010. to 30.05.2010. It is possible to arrive the day before 28.05.2009 and we have prepared the space for camping, and indoors accommodation (in case of inclement weather, hehe). For more on you can look under the section Event Schedule. You can sign up now, and the price of the registration fee is 20€ (150 kn) . Girls are exempt from paying

The terrain is very demanding so please be adequately prepared. The lowest point is at altitude 136 m above sea level and the highest at 263 m take into consider that all takes place at 4 km square. The terrain is rugged with rivers and forest roads. The composition of the field is part of the lake Petnja. It is a mixture of deciduous and coniferous forest (somewhere in the 90:10 ratio in favor of deciduous trees). The forest is under the age of 300 g. Terrain is rich with sources of drinking water, on such a small area there are 4 wells. On the field there are no housing facilities. The terrain is rich with wildlife. One word best of Slavonian forests.

Scenario is designed as a simulation of an imaginary conflict of terrorist and coalition forces (present time) with the aim of destroying the dam and defense of the same. Scenario includes orientation in nature, the day and night assignments, team work, building bases, and all that goes with it.
Please sign up until 23.05.2010. Information for payment (account data, etc.) will be published 30 days before event.

All updates will be published at event website http://www.op-murphy.com.

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